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Does he kiss your eyelids in the morning when you start to raise your head?

slept over sarahs house with lyss. girls night...woohoo. we had some awesome hot chocolate while we watched Meeting Joe Black. awesome movie. it has brad pitt in it, what more do i have to say. hehe. and of course because it is tradition, we played truth. and of course sarah barely asked any queations so lyss and i really only played. then sarah fell asleep on us and it was only me and binks. hehe. then we fell asleep. in the morning we ate some food, and had more hot chocolate...of course and watched aladdin. awesome movie. then we rushed to get ready cause we were meeting dan at the movies. we were late of course. we saw taxi which was a really funny movie. and of course i spilt coke on my shirt, like always.

eating sushi with my family in about 30 minutes. sushi is the shit no doubt. and of course my mom dana and nicole are watching ever after. sad sad movie. but awesome none the less.

have you ever felt that even if you got what youve always wanted or at least have been wanting for a really long time, that you still dont feel complete or at least semi complete. its weird but thats how i feel. its like nothing is going to make me ever really complete. dont get me wrong im not trying to sound like a snob or depressed or anything. i am happy, but i just feel like im missing something. strange and even confusing.

i <3 dan.
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hellooo love .. its i, binks(the mermaid)<3. i love it. holl i will make you complete! .. i heart you! <3. - who or what were you talking about specifically anyway? call me or comment back

love love .<3. lyss
well ill tell you what i was talking about when i talk to you later...but thanks...and dont worry..its not you too grl!