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the first week of summer has been going pretty well, besides the fact that three days in a row my plans had been screwed, but no worries, i still had fun.

monday i had my sisters graduation, and then we went to baccio's. that was awesome. really really good food.

tuesday instead of ga i went to the beach with my parents. it was gorgeous out, and there was the one guy there...oh man, it could have been something, but for some CRAZY reason, i couldn't bring myself to talk to him....he was cute though. then i went to the gym and came home to relax.

wednesday, instead of going to ga AGAIN, i went to see Batman with my parents, freaky but good, and then i went to the mall with nic, got a cute shirt, and then went to rob and pat's hockey game with dane.

then today, instead of going to the beach, i stayed home, almost went mad from the electricity going out for about an hour and a half, and then i went to see THE LONGEST YARD with my dad. awesome movie. and of course to finish the day i saw a really hott guy at the movies, and then ate pizza when we got home.

of course this week has had some bad moments, but it's summer, and i am NOT going to let them get to me.
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