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paper flowers
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Date:2005-06-23 19:00
Mood: hopeful..

the first week of summer has been going pretty well, besides the fact that three days in a row my plans had been screwed, but no worries, i still had fun.

monday i had my sisters graduation, and then we went to baccio's. that was awesome. really really good food.

tuesday instead of ga i went to the beach with my parents. it was gorgeous out, and there was the one guy there...oh man, it could have been something, but for some CRAZY reason, i couldn't bring myself to talk to him....he was cute though. then i went to the gym and came home to relax.

wednesday, instead of going to ga AGAIN, i went to see Batman with my parents, freaky but good, and then i went to the mall with nic, got a cute shirt, and then went to rob and pat's hockey game with dane.

then today, instead of going to the beach, i stayed home, almost went mad from the electricity going out for about an hour and a half, and then i went to see THE LONGEST YARD with my dad. awesome movie. and of course to finish the day i saw a really hott guy at the movies, and then ate pizza when we got home.

of course this week has had some bad moments, but it's summer, and i am NOT going to let them get to me.

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Date:2004-12-21 15:48
Subject:and wont you think im pretty when im standing top the bright light city.
Mood: sick

check out these picture....PLEASE...they are important for everyone to see...

"pics that u will never see in the news..."

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Date:2004-12-12 10:17

today is the day that my family and i eat lots of good food....LIKE LATKES! hehe...and open lots and lots of AWESOME presents! woot woot! lookin forward to it...oh and all you jews out there...HAPPY HANUKKAH!!

<3 to all and to all a good day...hehe

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Date:2004-12-05 16:15
Mood: needing u....

dashboard confessional is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

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Date:2004-11-27 11:34
Subject:they dont love you like i love you
Mood: hurt....

im so confused right now....i dont even know what to do...

this may be it..the last straw...

still lookin for u...

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Date:2004-11-04 16:56
Subject:missing ur smile....
Mood: excited

hung out at my aunt linda's house in staten island. we used to have some tension between us since she was a bitch for not coming to my bat mitzvah, but i think im finally over it..or somewhat over it. anyway, it was fun and i watched movies with my cous gabriella who came home from school early and helped her with her homework. then we left.

going to pa tomorrow with cass and her parents..my aunt and uncle..if you were wondering. staying til sunday. it is going to be AWEWSOME! i love my cass..she is my everything! i dont know what i would do without her! i love you grl!

i wont be able to hang out with dan this weekend..tear tear. brings my sadness. hopefully we can hang out next week. i love you. i muiss you.

peace y'all!

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Date:2004-10-26 17:17
Subject:You thought you were standing beside me...u were only in my way...
Mood: stressed

I want to tell them how i feel. but i don't want to hurt them. I blame myself for getting in this mess. but i thought i was doing a good thing...i guess i was wrong. should of learned from my mistake the first time...

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Date:2004-10-23 18:27
Subject:In my defeat I wish I knew you were safely at home...
Mood: happy

friday was awesome. cass, paul and i went to 6 flags and had an absolutely great time. paul dragged us on chiller...which was awesome, and then paul and i dragged cass on nitro. awesome again. and there were barely any lines...sweet. then we went on some more rides and the gholes came out. and of course all the gholes pin pointed me and scared me shitless. and according to paul "it was great". but the gholes werent enough...oh no...paul had to freak me out a few times more after that. but he got what he deserved when i punched him on line for superman...and he went down. it was great. hehe. then i got a cartoon picture of myself...but it doesnt look anything like me...except for the eyes. and then paul tried to drag me through the terror trail but i wouldnt go cause i was too freaked so they went without me...tear tear. and then i went with them when they came back cause they said it wasnt scary. it wasnt...but i still screamed. oh and i almost forgot to mention that when we ate i got paul back with the fries he through at me, and i chucked all my fries at him...and i even hit the guy behind us...woops. the night was great...but it would have been better if dan was there...sniff sniff.

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Date:2004-10-18 21:13
Mood: confused

i think that there is a curse in the baruch/carlino family. or maybe the curse is just between cass and me. you see, whenever cass is happy about a guy, im usually lonely and depressed, and whenever cass is despressed about a guy, im happy. its a vicious cycle i must say. and it is once again taking affect. to whom is confidencial, but lets just say im a little confused about the guy situation....but who knows.

its cold out and all i have to snuggle with is my huge blanket....

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Date:2004-10-14 15:51
Mood: excited

x. Who are you?
x. Are we friends?
x. When and how did we meet?
x. How have I affected you?
x. What do you think of me?
x. What's the fondest memory you have of me?
x. How long do you think we will be friends?
x. Do you love me?
x. Do you have a crush on me?
x. Would you kiss me?
x. Would you hug me?
x. Physically, what stands out?
x. Emotionally, what stands out?
x. Do you wish I was cooler?
x. On a scale of 1-10, how hot am I?
x. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it:
x. Am I loveable?
x. Describe me in one word:
x. What was your first impression of me?
x. Do you still think that way about me now?
x. What do you think my weakness is?
x. Do you think I'll get married?
x. What makes me happy?
x. What makes me sad?
x. What reminds you of me?
x. If you could give me anything what would it be?
x. How well do you know me?
x. When's the last time you saw me?
x. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
x. Do you think I could kill someone?
x. Are you going to put this on your site and see what I say about you?

love ya'll!

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Date:2004-10-10 13:51
Subject:Does he kiss your eyelids in the morning when you start to raise your head?
Mood: hungry

slept over sarahs house with lyss. girls night...woohoo. we had some awesome hot chocolate while we watched Meeting Joe Black. awesome movie. it has brad pitt in it, what more do i have to say. hehe. and of course because it is tradition, we played truth. and of course sarah barely asked any queations so lyss and i really only played. then sarah fell asleep on us and it was only me and binks. hehe. then we fell asleep. in the morning we ate some food, and had more hot chocolate...of course and watched aladdin. awesome movie. then we rushed to get ready cause we were meeting dan at the movies. we were late of course. we saw taxi which was a really funny movie. and of course i spilt coke on my shirt, like always.

eating sushi with my family in about 30 minutes. sushi is the shit no doubt. and of course my mom dana and nicole are watching ever after. sad sad movie. but awesome none the less.

have you ever felt that even if you got what youve always wanted or at least have been wanting for a really long time, that you still dont feel complete or at least semi complete. its weird but thats how i feel. its like nothing is going to make me ever really complete. dont get me wrong im not trying to sound like a snob or depressed or anything. i am happy, but i just feel like im missing something. strange and even confusing.

i <3 dan.

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Date:2004-10-06 12:50
Subject:make the call and take it all....
Mood: sick

today was not such a good day for me. i woke up with a cold and my stomach was killing me. then i was freezing my tuchas of in school, and no one to ask for a sweatshirt...that didnt want to keep theirs. then i almost fell asleep in science, and then french II. and of course i got a pop quiz in french that i screwed up on. but other than that my day was pretty normal.

but after school it wasnt so bad because i got to talk to one of my bestest friends lyss....luv u grl! she makes it all better...with our inside jokes. (i heart binky the mermaid aka binks...hehe)idk what id do without my lyss.

grr...and then theres dan. WHO CANT MAKE UP HIS FREAKIN MIND. but i love him anyway. hehe. guys.


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Date:2004-09-26 13:06
Subject:where is my motivation?
Mood: indescribable

today is the day. yes my little readers, today is the day cassie and i are going on our double dates. her with mitch, who is an awesome guy, and me and dan. my love. hehe.

i slept over cass's last night after the "Uge" feast at nana and papa's. we were up all night talking about stuff i dont remember anymore. chuckle and chuckle.

right now cass and i are primping for our dates while listening to green day and soon probably bright eyes.

thats it for now folks. i g2g finish getting ready.

i <3 dan.

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Date:2004-09-24 16:03
Subject:your the only one
Mood: excited

today was awesome. school went pretty fast, and then went i was at my locker to get my shiz, cass screamed out my name, and when i turned to see her i saw dana and rob and i screamed out "DANA" and i totally attahed her and she went right into a locker. it was awesome. then dana met up with her old tacher and was talking to him FOREVER and i kicked a ball of paper and it hit the teacher in the foot so he gave me this really dirty look. it was hilarious. then cass and i attempted to go to the weight room to see if josh was there, but after talking to sami for a few minutes dana and rob caught up to us so we just left. awesome way to end the school week i must say.

tonight i have to fast...oh so so looking forward to that. im going to be sooooo hungery...grr these jewish holdiays. though i love them! and then tomorrow i get to pig out with my fav cous and make fun of random things. cass you truely are the best! <3

oh and then comes sunday....i am so EXCITED! dan and i are going on a double date with cass and mitch. perfect i must say...i wouldnt do it with anyother person! cant wait!

i <3 dan.....and all of my fav people.

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Date:2004-09-06 21:35
Subject:kicking and screaming through fast dreams
Mood: energetic

Happy Labor Day.

today my family came over and we had a bbq to celebrate the wonderful holiday,if you would even like to call it that. of course my parents and aunt and uncle and grandparents ate outside and the grandchildren ate inside. oh the good old family traditions. hmmmmm. jami, cass, nic, and i hung around the kitchen table and tried to preoccupy ourselves by playing a movie game. it was actually quit fun, so we took it upstairs while the adults ate dessert. then cass and i danced around to oldies music and were being total freaks. as usual. then the family left.

cass just arrived at my door. shes sleeping over. woot woot. cass and i are such a pair. if we looked alike we would probably be identical twins. heh. that would be awesome.

im afraid i must go. i have a guest waiting. ta ta for now my loves. whoever you are.

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Date:2004-09-04 13:35
Subject:on the way down
Mood: mellow

today is such a blah day. i know it is finally the weekend, but it doesnt feel like the weekend. still feels like summer. to bad its not. tear tear.

went to the gym with mon mere and mon pere. did the normal workout with my dad, and of course laughed at the funny noises he made while he was on a machine. heh. its funny what comes out of our parents mouth while they're exercising.

im procrastinating whether or not im going to read and write my essay for english today or wait til like monday or tuesday. hmmm??? i think ill wait.

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Date:2004-09-03 20:39
Subject:turn up the corners of your lips
Mood: blah

Yes! the second day of high school is over! woot woot. four day weekend here i come!

high school is def. not what i thought it would be. it is so crowded and absolutely more confusing then middle school. i cant count how many times i went down the wrong hall or was late to class. though i must say, the guys are much hotter than in middle school. meeeeow. heh.

if anyone's interested, heres me schedule...

1. phys ed
2. geometry
3. lunch
4. phys science lab
5. phys science lab
6. french II
7. french II
8. acad modern history and geography
9. acad modern history and geography
10. acad english I
11. interior design

...this is my life for the next 182 days we have left of school. fun fun.

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Date:2004-05-31 14:54
Mood: sick

sick. cant breathe.

having my presentation tomorrow, hopefully i will be able to say what i have to say with out coughing or loosing my voice. of course if i cant talk tomorrow then i wont have to go to school...who knows.

i want to rip out my nose, its a bitch! grrrrrrrr.

sniff sniff.

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Date:2004-05-22 12:29
Subject:beauty in the breakdown.
Mood: content

have you ever opened up a really old book and smelled the middle of the pages? It may sound really weird but the smell of a really old book is one of my favorite smells. dont know why. just is.

hanging out with Dana and Rob today. Helping them do some work with my dad. Going to have some fun hopefully. I love Rob. Never thought I could like anyone else after Nick. I guess it is possible.

wanting someone to dance with.

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Date:2004-05-21 19:42
Subject:I knew you loved me then.
Mood: disappointed

over cassie's....sleeping over....parents are in PA for the weekend for their anniversary. Woohoo...hanging out with my sister tomorrow possibly...that'll be fun. I wish I was going to see Troy with lyss and sar...sorry guys...I really wanted to go...thursday we will. Later all....

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