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kicking and screaming through fast dreams

Happy Labor Day.

today my family came over and we had a bbq to celebrate the wonderful holiday,if you would even like to call it that. of course my parents and aunt and uncle and grandparents ate outside and the grandchildren ate inside. oh the good old family traditions. hmmmmm. jami, cass, nic, and i hung around the kitchen table and tried to preoccupy ourselves by playing a movie game. it was actually quit fun, so we took it upstairs while the adults ate dessert. then cass and i danced around to oldies music and were being total freaks. as usual. then the family left.

cass just arrived at my door. shes sleeping over. woot woot. cass and i are such a pair. if we looked alike we would probably be identical twins. heh. that would be awesome.

im afraid i must go. i have a guest waiting. ta ta for now my loves. whoever you are.
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September 12 2004, 02:32:48 UTC 13 years ago

holl!!! i cannot BELIEVE we are being split up in gym and lunch in school! .. BOOO .. idk who im gonna sit with and say "i cant believe its only 3rd period" to .. damnit this sucks - i hate school lol .. well we'll see eachother between classes - come to mine and sarahs cheer game tomorrow! .. be there @ noon i guess

<3 lyss