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your the only one

today was awesome. school went pretty fast, and then went i was at my locker to get my shiz, cass screamed out my name, and when i turned to see her i saw dana and rob and i screamed out "DANA" and i totally attahed her and she went right into a locker. it was awesome. then dana met up with her old tacher and was talking to him FOREVER and i kicked a ball of paper and it hit the teacher in the foot so he gave me this really dirty look. it was hilarious. then cass and i attempted to go to the weight room to see if josh was there, but after talking to sami for a few minutes dana and rob caught up to us so we just left. awesome way to end the school week i must say.

tonight i have to fast...oh so so looking forward to that. im going to be sooooo hungery...grr these jewish holdiays. though i love them! and then tomorrow i get to pig out with my fav cous and make fun of random things. cass you truely are the best! <3

oh and then comes sunday....i am so EXCITED! dan and i are going on a double date with cass and mitch. perfect i must say...i wouldnt do it with anyother person! cant wait!

i <3 dan.....and all of my fav people.
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