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where is my motivation?

today is the day. yes my little readers, today is the day cassie and i are going on our double dates. her with mitch, who is an awesome guy, and me and dan. my love. hehe.

i slept over cass's last night after the "Uge" feast at nana and papa's. we were up all night talking about stuff i dont remember anymore. chuckle and chuckle.

right now cass and i are primping for our dates while listening to green day and soon probably bright eyes.

thats it for now folks. i g2g finish getting ready.

i <3 dan.
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ello lovely, it is i, binky the mermaid! .. i come to say that i love you but you suck at updating <3 MWAH!


lovey dovey,
lyss aka binky the mermaid