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make the call and take it all....

today was not such a good day for me. i woke up with a cold and my stomach was killing me. then i was freezing my tuchas of in school, and no one to ask for a sweatshirt...that didnt want to keep theirs. then i almost fell asleep in science, and then french II. and of course i got a pop quiz in french that i screwed up on. but other than that my day was pretty normal.

but after school it wasnt so bad because i got to talk to one of my bestest friends lyss....luv u grl! she makes it all better...with our inside jokes. (i heart binky the mermaid aka binks...hehe)idk what id do without my lyss.

grr...and then theres dan. WHO CANT MAKE UP HIS FREAKIN MIND. but i love him anyway. hehe. guys.

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