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i think that there is a curse in the baruch/carlino family. or maybe the curse is just between cass and me. you see, whenever cass is happy about a guy, im usually lonely and depressed, and whenever cass is despressed about a guy, im happy. its a vicious cycle i must say. and it is once again taking affect. to whom is confidencial, but lets just say im a little confused about the guy situation....but who knows.

its cold out and all i have to snuggle with is my huge blanket....
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no, no, no. you need to talk to a certain someone, holl. it may not be what you think.
i love you bunches. <3
what if it is exactly what i think?
then i'll kick someone's ass.
yeah, i second cassie on that one.i doubt its what you think, but if it is, then there will be some major ass kicking!ive got your back yo!! haha ghetto style.and oh yes, i will be going to the hospital tomorrow because my hand/fingers are swollen.i hate cheerleading!!

<3 lyss